Thomas Mason Shirtings

Thomas Mason Founded in 1796

Thomas Mason Goldline

Thomas Mason founded his textile mill in 1796 at the height of the English Industrial Revolution. His company specialized in producing cotton shirting fabrics woven exclusively with long staple two-fold cotton. In a short time Thomas Mason became the point of reference for elegance.

Thomas Mason fabrics have maintained the characteristic techniques and styling which made this trademark famous. The fineness of the yarn, the continuing design research, the special finishing treatments, and the highest attention throughout production, guarantee the excellence of this top quality fabric.

Today, one of the more notable products of Thomas Mason is the Giza 87 Collection. This precious cotton is cultivated in cotton fields in the Nile delta in Egypt. This area’s particular climate and fertile region has produced this fine cotton they use to produce fine shirtings. With this cotton¬†Thomas Mason is able to produce fabrics which¬†does not degrade over time as other fabrics do. Also, the freshness of the material and its original brightness is absolutely maintained contrary to numerous washing.

At Hamilton Douglass we carry a vast array of fabrics from this Thomas Mason collection. They are ready for you enjoy year after year and season after season. Make your appointment today to see what we can design for you.



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