Personal Consultation

Off-the-rack suits are made for the masses. Online suits lack the personal touch and the tactile feel of the fabrics.

This is how a Hamilton Douglass Experience begins:

At Hamilton Douglass, our fittings begin well before measurements are taken. We begin by first understanding you, your profession, and your preferred style.

Listening to your needs helps us make appropriate recommendations that not only enhance your wardrobe, but tailors to your lifestyle. 

Hamilton Douglass Suits are made by taking into account your posture and how you move. This is to determine how the drape of your bespoke suit will fit. Measurements are then taken that will create a bespoke suit into the fit that follows your body.

We understand what sophisticated clients want and expect out of a bespoke suit. We are able to satisfy the most varied lifestyle in terms of daily living, aesthetics and sense of style.

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