Types of Shirt Plackets

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Designing your personal style means paying attention to details. Have you considered the style potential of choosing between the various options for shirt placket design? (That’s the strip of fabric that holds the buttons.) Front placket-found in the vast majority of dress shirts. Always a good option for business attire, but its ubiquity means it […]

Start Your Ideal Wardrobe

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THE IDEAL STARTER WARDROBE If you (or those you mentor) are just starting out in professional life, you may need to know how to build the ideal starter wardrobe. Creating a personalized ensemble that shows your individual style while presenting your professional image to business associates will offer you the confidence that comes from looking […]

Top Dye Blues For Florida

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Perfect for Florida! Top Dye Blue What makes Dormeuil’s top dye cloth so special when compared to regular piece dye or yarn dye cloth? There are three types of dying processes: 1. Piece dye – where pre-woven fabric is dyed 2. Yarn dye – where spun yarn is dyed a single color 3. Top dye […]